Hamilton’s Ecommerce Success Stories

The world of retail has changed.  Retail was once confined to a physical store, but now Hamilton-based retailers sell to customers all around New Zealand, and even the world, through the power of ecommerce. Fifteen years ago, way back in 2006, I was privileged to be in a small group a young entrepreneurs who were taken on a personalised tour of Torpedo7’s warehouse in Melville, by Co-founder Guy Howard-Willis.  He told us how Torpedo7 had begun from his son and Co-Founder Luke’s…


5 Critical Developments in New Zealand Ecommerce (Infographic)

We all know that 2020 was a strange year and it did strange things to Kiwi buying patterns – or did it? Well, yes and no. Yes there was a 25% increase in ecommerce, and yes, more people purchased online than ever before. But no, in many ways this was an increase waiting to happen. NZ…

Pie chart showing benefits of getting ranked higher in Google Search - Hamilton SEO

SEO in Practice – Interview with Josh Moore

An Interview with Josh Moore, head marketing fanatic at digital marketing agency, Duoplus   Andrew: So Josh, what are the benefits of SEO, and getting ranked higher in Google Organic Search? Josh: If you get your business to rank higher in Google for the keywords your target market is searching for, then your business is going…


The Crucial Differences Between Google Ads and SEO

What’s the difference between Google Ads and SEO? Is one better than the other? Should we use both? Whenever I present digital marketing seminars to business owners and marketing managers, I get a series of questions about Google Ads and SEO, like the ones above.  I am also often asked, do people really click on…


How Apple’s Latest Move Will Hurt Your Business

With the release of iOS 14 for iPhones, Apple is cranking up its war on personalised advertising. The result is likely to hurt your business, along with millions of businesses around the world. Apple’s recently released iOS 14 requires that any app that wants to track users’ activity when clicking on links, gets explicit permission…


How to Update Your Google My Business Listing for Christmas Close Down

With the holidays coming up, it’s important to update your Google My Business listing to reflect your close down dates. Google My Business has become a holy grail for customers to check contact details, location, opening hours and other important information about a local business before contacting the business or driving to a store, which…


How to Break a Marketing Manager’s Heart

Generating enquiries from potential customers is what drives marketing managers. But do you really know what the enquiry experience is like? A marketing manager’s job is to generate marketing that drives leads and sales for the business. We sweat over the wording in ads, images used, ad placements, brand messaging, websites, search engine rankings, where…


The Messy Middle of Online Buyer Journeys

The journey people take when researching and buying products online is growing increasingly complex. New research from Google sheds light on what businesses can do to reach these customers. A few months ago, I bought a new tripod online for my DSLR camera. It’s likely you can relate to the journey I went on to…

Online Shopping Journey

The Secret Weapon for Measuring Google Ads Results

If people are searching for your products or services online, running Google Ads campaigns is a no-brainer. But there’s a little-known secret to getting better measurement of Google Ads results that few businesses are using.  Google processes approximately 75,000 search queries every second! That equates to 6.5 billion searches every day, or 2.5 trillion searches each year.   As you’ll already know, nearly every time one of…


How to Rank #1 on Google

When people search online for your products or services, you want your website to be found easily.  But what does it take to rank #1 in Google? I’ve lost count of the number of times a business owner or general manager has asked for my advice regarding, “How do we get our website higher in…