3 Ways To Keep Your On-page Content Fresh – Part 2

In part one we discussed the idea that Google wants to provide searchers with the most relevant, expert, authoritative, and trustworthy information.

One way we do that is through case studies. Another way to have content that is unique to your business is to write a product or service review – making sure to add a unique angle and customer stories.

2) Product or Service Review

Are you finding a new product or product range super useful? Or, do you want to grow in a certain area of your business? Then make a big noise about it. Celebrate the product or service as an incredible solution to your customer’s problems.

International marketing guru, Neil Patel, achieves this by using the following ideas:

Focus on the benefits

Writing about benefits requires a bit more effort and creativity. Your product’s features are fairly obvious, especially to you. What isn’t so obvious is how the user benefits from them.

Think about your customer personas and spend some time reading product reviews. These will help you get into your customers’ minds and focus on the benefits they care about.

Draw attention to important details

There are some features you’ll want customers to take note of more than others. That’s why it’s important to create a hierarchy of features and look for ways to draw attention to the features consumers care most about.

Speak to your target audience

You need to understand your target audience to write about your product features effectively. If you have buyer personas, make sure to refer to them while writing. This will help you prioritize which features your customers care about most.

Make information scannable

Your customers are busy, and most aren’t going to read every word on your page. Instead, they’re going to scan it for key bits of information. It’s your job to make your product features as scannable as possible while still getting across the core message.

Include social proof

Even if your product features are superior, customers may not believe you. You need social proof to convince them your product delivers. Add quotes and testimonials from your customers or trusted third parties that mention your product features.

Better yet, include images and videos of them using your product. Featuring real people showing off your product’s features instantly makes them more credible and makes it much more likely consumers will trust your brand.

Use video and images

Words aren’t the only way to get across your product features. Images and videos are usually a much better way to get across exactly what your product can do. Images are an easy way to show customers how key features look and work.

They are particularly powerful for design-focused features and most e-commerce products in general. Bonus points if you include user-generated photos in your descriptions.

Write blog posts and emails

Make sure your blog posts talk about the benefits that users can gain from the new features and don’t just talk about the features alone. Plenty of screenshots are also a good idea, so is a video if you can create one.

Part three coming soon!

Fresh and unique content that demonstrates both experience and expertise is invaluable for SEO. Case studies and product reviews are excellent ways to do this… can you guess what part three is?

Andrew Roughton

Andrew is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Duoplus Online Marketing

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