What is it?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) gets your website ranking higher in search engines (e.g. Google) for your keywords.

Is your business ranking at the top of page one of Google?  If not, you’re missing out on clients, and income.

Did you know?

  • There are on average 8.5 billion searches on Google every day1
  • More than 63% of searches on Google are on mobile devices.1
  • 92% of searches only look at the first page of results3
  • 97% of consumers have used the internet to research products and services in their local area2
  • The website at position #1 in the search results gets 300% more clicks than the website in the #3 position!
Google search statistics for SEO

The Value of Being Higher in Google

Google Search ResultsResearch shows that on average the #1 ranked site in search results gets 32.5% of clicks.  The #3 site gets 11.4%.  Whereas the #10 site (the last place on the first page) gets only 2.4% of clicks. The full results are shown in this table.

92% of people only look at the first page of search results.  So it’s good that your site is on the first page.  But getting higher up the first page will significantly increase the amount of search engine traffic you receive.

At Duoplus we help businesses with Search Engine Optimisation, or “SEO” for short.  This mean we can help your website rank higher in Google.

How Can You Get Your Website on Page One of Google?

There are a number of things that all need to work together to get your website ranking higher.

Overall there are two main areas that affect your ranking:

  • 30-40% of search engine ranking is based on the content and code on your website. This is called On-Page Optimisation.
  • 60-70% of the ranking is based on factors on other websites, mainly links that point to your site. This is called Off-Page Optimisation and is a long process of building up your site’s authority in the eyes of the search engines.

On-Page Optimisation

On-Page Optimisation is the essential place to start.  Without a foundation of good On-Page Optimisation, Off-Page Optimisation while be far less effective and your site will struggle to rank well.

SEO ServicesIt starts with keyword research to identify the phrases that your target market are searching for the most.  Through this process we select the phrases that we want your site to rank the best for.  It’s pointless optimising for a phrase that people aren’t searching for, which is why we ensure we’ve done the research well at the start.

Once we have selected the keywords and phrases we wish to target, we review your website in detail to ensure that the code (that you don’t see) is presenting your website to Google in the best way that Google likes.

There are a number of things that Google uses to understand your site, and many sites are not set up to do these basic things properly.  We audit your website to identify any of these problems that need to be fixed.  We then adjust some of the content on your site – both headings and text, to optimise it for the search phrases we have chosen.  We always discuss important changes with you so there are no surprises.  If code or templates need to be adjusted we can either liaise with your web development company, or our web developers can make the changes for you.

Off-Page Optimisation

Just having the right content on your site isn’t normally enough to give you a strong ranking.  We estimate that Off-Page factors are responsible for approximately 70-80% of your site’s rank.

Once the on-page optimisation is done right, it’s then all about links:  Other websites linking to your site.  Having other sites link to your site tells search engines what your site is about, and how important it is.

But it’s not about getting links from just any websites.  Google has cracked down on the spammy link building activities that many companies were using to increase their rank.  Google wants to see:

  • Links from a variety of relevant sites.
  • Links with a variety of words in the link.
  • Links from a variety of types of sites (websites, social media, directories, blogs, etc).
  • Links built up over time. (If a whole lot of links appear all at once, Google can be suspicious that you’re gaming the system and can penalise your site.)
  • Links from pages that are important – a link from a powerful site in your niche is a lot more valuable than links from unknown sites.

The Most Efficient Way to Get Quality Links

Building a large enough number of links from a wide variety of sites is next to impossible to do on your own. And it would certainly take away from your ability to focus your attention on your customers and building your business. That’s why we take care of it for you.

Once we have made the initial On-Page Optimisation changes to your site, we then start to build links to your site each week, and over time this tells Google and other search engines that you site is important.  We have a wide variety of quality sites that we use to build content and links that point to your site.  We focus on creating real, genuine links.  (It is very important to stay well away from anything spammy or automated.)  And our results speak for themselves.

Search engine results take months to build up, but are enormously beneficial for getting your perfect target market to your website.

Some of the businesses we have helped:


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