We are an online marketing agency that loves helping our customers GROW THEIR BUSINESS with strong and effective online marketing solutions


Duoplus specialises in helping companies generate leads using online marketing.

We increase traffic to our client’s websites by improving search engine rankings (SEO) and running online advertising campaigns using Google Ads, Facebook campaigns, remarketing, and more. Our focus is to generate leads for our clients and grow their businesses.

The world has changed in recent years – it is now essential for today’s companies to be found online easily. If you want to grow your business, and get your inbox and phone buzzing with leads, talk to us at Duoplus.



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“The power of Google Ads comes not from measuring clicks on ads, but from measuring how many leads you get…”

Josh Moore, Head Marketing Fanatic

Josh MooreJOSH MOORE is the founder and head marketing fanatic here at Duoplus. Prior to launching Duoplus, Josh worked as a national marketing manager and ran both online and offline marketing. Realising the cost effectiveness and measurability of online marketing he launched Duoplus. Josh loves seeing clients’ businesses grow with marketing campaigns and making things work well for them.

When Josh is not busy working his marketing magic, you’ll find him indulging in some photography around the city or spending time with his wife Riss, and their 3 kids.

FOCUS:  Marketing strategy and business growth

We love helping our customers ACHIEVE ENORMOUS GROWTH through powerful online marketing


Tyler StauntonTYLER STAUNTON is a Digital Marketing Specialist who has worked with both start-ups and large businesses across New Zealand and Australia. His passion for Google Ads grew into a love for eCommerce, and he eventually became self-employed and contracted for online stores. Outside of marketing, Tyler is a DJ and plays regularly at a local nightclub here in Hamilton, as well as a few major music festivals. Most recently he just played his third DJ set at New Year’s Festival Rhythm & Vines!

FOCUS:  Google Ads

SEO and Google Ads resulted in a monstrous lift in traffic for CHUBB, with 21/30 keywords in the top 3 places on Google, plus 3000 enquires and 22.21% conversion rate

Andrew RoughtonANDREW ROUGHTON is our SEO specialist. Andrew started his IT career way back in the late 80s as a computer programmer and has watched the industry change a lot over that time! His career has included senior management roles over many years, completing an MBA, and a rich history of writing content and presentations for various audiences, in NZ and for international markets. When he is not working, he enjoys living in Raglan with his family, and motorcycle riding. In fact, rumour has it that he took the job at Duoplus just so he could ride his bike over the ‘divvy’ into Hamilton every day!

FOCUS:  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

On average THE #1 RANKED SITE in search results gets 32.5% of clicks, with the top 3 ranked sites getting 61.5% combined.

Zoe Liddle Web Designer

ZOE LIDDLE is our web developer, graphic designer, techy person and chief problem solver! Zoe studied both Web Development and Graphic Design, and has most recently worked as web developer for Beaurepaires. Her final task there was a complete overhaul of their website, building a large ecommerce site with over 5000 SKUs.

FOCUS:  Web Development

GOLDSTAR HEAT PUMP’S sales doubled in 12 months. They became the #1 independent Fujitsu Dealer in NZ. They grew by another 30% the following year… and another 30% the year after!

Ethan Carter Apprentice SEOETHAN CARTER has just completed his degree at Waikato of University. He studied a Bachelor of Business Studies majoring in marketing with a minor in economics, and also a minor in supply chain management. Ethan hails from Pirongia and has always had a passion for sports, primarily rugby and athletics. In his down time he likes to play video games with friends and workout in the gym.

Ethan initially joined Duoplus as an Intern, and we just couldn’t let him go!


TRT experienced 225% increase in Organic Traffic in 2 Years. Plus 1,028 enquiries in the first 12 months of Google Ads

Tom AldersonTOM ALDERSON is a part-time content writer assisting the SEO team by creating strong digital content that helps our clients dominate search engines! Tom has completed his Bachelor of Business at Waikato, and is now doing a builders apprenticeship!  Business, marketing and building – there’s a bright future ahead of this guy. When Tom gets time off from study & work, you’ll find him either mountain biking or playing a round of golf.

FOCUS:  Content

GOOGLE ADS are incredibly powerful because of how targeted they are.  They connect with your target market right when that person is SEARCHING FOR WHAT YOU SELL.


Our values express who we are and how we operate. They set us apart.


RESULTS DRIVEN: We are fully committed to delivering real, measurable and profitable results for our clients. We hold ourselves accountable for getting things done right.


ALWAYS IMPROVING: Our passion is to always be better.  Always learning, always growing, always challenging ourselves to excel.


CULTIVATE RELATIONSHIPS: We cultivate positive and supportive relationships within our team and with our clients. 

Online marketing is much more than just having a website.

You need your website to rank well in Google for your keywords.  When people actually visit your website you need to have it working in a way that visitors will engage with your business, and not just leave to go to your competitor.

There are lots of things that make great websites out-perform their competitors… and our team would love to help you become the leader of the pack in your industry.

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