About Us

Duoplus specialises in helping companies generate leads using online marketing.
Ready to get more leads and sales?

We are an online marketing agency that loves helping our customers GROW THEIR BUSINESS with strong and effective online marketing solutions.

We increase traffic to our client’s websites by improving search engine rankings (SEO) and running online advertising campaigns using Google Ads, Facebook campaigns, remarketing, and more. Our focus is to generate leads for our clients and grow their businesses.

The world has changed in recent years – it is now essential for today’s companies to be found online easily. If you want to grow your business, and get your inbox and phone buzzing with leads, talk to us at Duoplus.

Our Values

Our values express who we are and how we operate. They set us apart.

Results Driven

We are fully committed to delivering real, measurable and profitable results for our clients. We hold ourselves accountable for getting things done right.

Always Improving

Our passion is to always be better. Always learning, always growing, always challenging ourselves to excel.

Cultivating Relationships

We cultivate positive and supportive relationships within our team and with our clients.

Meet Our Team

Josh Moore

Marketing Strategy & Business Growth

Andrew Roughton

Head of SEO

Tyler Staunton

Head of Google Ads

Alyssa Kingma

Google Ads Specialist & Client Support

Ethan Carter

SEO & Google Ads Specialist

Andrew Landes

Web Developer

Online marketing is much more than just having a website.

You need your website to rank well in Google for your keywords.  When people actually visit your website you need to have it working in a way that visitors will engage with your business, and not just leave to go to your competitor.

There are lots of things that make great websites out-perform their competitors… and our team would love to help you become the leader of the pack in your industry

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