Online Strategy

Ready to get more leads and sales?

At Duoplus we approach websites and advertising from a marketing strategy approach.

We build sites and execute online marketing that helps businesses grow.

We recognise that every business is slightly different, which is why, before we make any strategy recommendations we will make sure we understand your business well.

We apply different online marketing strategies depending on the nature of your business, your product offering and your target market. We love helping companies develop effective online marketing strategies, which will directly impact their business growth and success.

Online Strategy applies critical online marketing knowledge and identifies how to use your limited resources to achieve the best results for your business.

“I think I need a new website.”

“Should I be using Instagram? TikTok? Twitter?”

“I need more traffic to my website.”

“Do I need a blog?”

“How can I do YouTube ads? Should I do YouTube ads?”

“Should I have a Facebook page?”

“What about Facebook ads?”

“I think I’m supposed to capture leads”

“What is split testing? What is conversion optimisation?”

“Should I be using landing pages?”

Online marketing advice can get overwhelming

There are so many options that with limited resources it is easy to spread yourself too thin and not achieve the business growth that you want.

To get the best return on investment for your online marketing spend, you need to follow an effective online strategy.

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