Email marketing is still extremely valuable today, yet many companies fail to realise the full potential email marketing can have in their business.

Email is a very affordable way to stay connected with existing customers, increase their purchase frequency, educate them on key aspects of your business, and get news out quickly for offers and promotions.

But more than that, when email marketing is combined with marketing automation, good things can happen.

What is it?

Email Marketing uses the power of email, combined with clever tactics and incredible automation tools, to grow your business.

Email Marketing Automation

Combining email marketing with marketing automation has become much more affordable recently, enabling powerful and automated nurturing of leads through to becoming customers.

Leads can be captured on your site, and nurtured through a sequence of intelligent emails that dynamically change according to their actions.

Marketing Automation for Events

Do you have an event coming up? You could plan a series of six emails promoting the event … and once a person signs up, they will automatically stop receiving the “register now” emails and instead be changed to a “this event is going to be amazing” sequence.

Marketing Automation for Products and Services

Did someone click on a link in one of your emails about Product-A? Have they visited the page about Product-A a number of times on your website but haven’t bought it yet? Marketing automation can automatically trigger a mini series of emails showing testimonials for Product-A and its highlighting benefits, to send just to that person.  Or perhaps you’d like your sales team to be informed there is a hot lead so they can follow up directly with that lead.

It’s all possible with marketing automation.