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3 Ways To Keep Your SEO Content Fresh And Unique

Have you heard of ChatGPT and its incredible ability to answer questions and write content? It’s so fast and effortless and seems like a brilliant way to rapidly produce regular content for your blog or webpage. Right?

Well, maybe. But generally, if a dozen electricians in Hamilton (or their SEO team) ask ChatGPT to write an article on how to save money on electricity, all 12 articles will be unbelievably similar. So Google gets bored as it has seen it all before. And none of those businesses will benefit from the article.

What Google Wants from Your Content

Google wants to provide searchers with the most relevant, expert, authoritative, and trustworthy information. So when Google reads your blogs, they must be highly relevant, fresh, and unique – your articles need to set your business apart as being more helpful, more authoritative, and more trustworthy than your competitors.

How do you do that when every business in your sector is writing SEO articles about similar things? How do you make Google want to show people your articles?

In this series, we will look at a few simple ways to produce outstanding content for your webpage or blog.

1) Use Case Studies to tell a story

You have many very happy customers. So why not tell their story in an appropriate way? No other company has this story because it belongs to you and your customer.

Everyone loves a story, so give them a story that is relevant to them and relatable. This way you get to position your business as helpful and expert solution providers.

Here’s what you need to make it awesome:

Clear headline

Like a newspaper headline, it should give the most important information. A subtitle with supporting details, or a customer quote is optional.


Provide a TL;DR (too long didn’t read) section prominently at the top, including the client’s name/industry, the product/service used, and quick result stats.

Client Introduction

Start with one or two sentences describing the customer and a highlight about them. Pick something that either sounds impressive or relatable. Picking something impressive (e.g. they’re the biggest XYZ company in the region) helps builds your credibility because they picked you as their supplier. Or picking something relatable can help other potential clients think, “They’re just like me. Maybe I should use this company too.”


State the problem/goal, consequences, and any hesitations the customer had. It’s great if you can include a quote from your client about the problem or their motivation for the work.

Include original images

Google prefers unique photos instead of stock photos. Bonus points if you can include a photo with Mr Morehouse enjoying the product or services, and smiling from ear to ear. Double bonus if you get to include your team member in the photo.

iTrade are a leading provider of job management software for tradies. They have fantastic case studies with lots of photos of their happy clients like Moreland Glass


Share how they found you, why they chose you, what solution you recommended, and how it was implemented. Add another quote from the customer.


Describe the results and the benefits, as well as any bonus benefits that came of it. The more specific you can be with the results and benefits, the better.


Share additional praise from the customer and words of advice they have for other people/businesses like them.

Make it all about the client… you and your business are the “wise guide” who helped them succeed… subtle rather than bragging.

By following these tips, you will be able to create unique content while being seen as the experts and building trust with potential customers.

Part 2

Next week we will look at another simple way to improve your SEO and ranking by bringing your expertise to the fore, and setting you apart from your competitors.

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