What is it?

Show online ads specifically to people who have previously visited your website.  This includes both text ads and graphical ads, on Google, Facebook, NZ Herald, Stuff and millions of other websites.

You Will Already Have Experienced Remarketing…

Have you ever stumbled upon a website, having never visited it before, and then over the coming weeks or months you see that company’s online ads everywhere?

You go to a random website to read an article or watch a video, and that company’s ad appears.  You go on Facebook and that company’s ad is there. You visit a news website and you see an ad for that company on there.

You start to think, “These guys are advertising everywhere!”

Nope.  They’re not.  They’re just advertising to YOU!  That’s remarketing.

How Does It Work?

When you visit a website that is using remarketing, the remarketing system they’re using stores a cookie (a unique number) in the browser on your computer.  This enables the advertising system to identify your specific browser, even when you’ve left the site, and add you to an “audience” list.  Site owners can then show ads to their audiences.

The Result of Remarketing

TARGET HOT BUYERS: If visitors to your website don’t become a lead (by filling in a form or phoning) they will leave your website within a few minutes. But they won’t necessarily buy from your competitors straight away. You could still win their business if you can get in front of them again. You know they’re interested in your type of product, because they’ve already looked at on your site. Remarketing enables you to target these hot buyers who are still deciding. You can put your advert directly in front of them in the days and weeks after they’ve looked at your site.

BRAND TOP OF MIND:  Does your potential customer think of your brand first? Or your competitors?  Remarketing allows you to remind them again and again about your company and your key marketing messages.  Your brand recall therefore dramatically increases, as does the likelihood that the customer will purchase from your company instead of the opposition.

PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING: Remarketing has the unique ability to help your company appear to be “everywhere” without blowing your budget. It can look like you’re advertising all over the internet, spending massive amounts of money.  In reality, your ads are showing just to that previous visitor, over and over again.