Would you like your company’s advert to get shown in Google right when people are searching for your product or service?

That’s what AdWords enables you to do.

When people search online for the product or service you offer, do they find your business, or your competitor’s?

What is it?

AdWords gets your text ads shown alongside Google search results when people search for your product or service.

AdWords are incredibly powerful because of how targeted they are.  They connect with your target market right when that person is searching for what you sell.

Duoplus is a Google Partner and highly experienced in creating AdWords campaigns that help businesses grow.

Here’s what AdWords look like:

AdWords are sold on a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) basis. This means that Google only charges you for the advert when someone clicks your ad.

Ads can be running almost immediately after setting them up with Google. You choose a daily budget, which Duoplus sets in the system, and Google stops running your ads when you daily budget is reached.  This means you have very clear control of costs.

The Order of the Ads

The order of the advert is determined by an auction system. When we setup your adverts we set the maximum cost-per-click that you’re willing to pay for a particular advert or keyword, and every time someone searches, Google runs an auction through its complicated algorithms (which takes many factors into account, all in a split second), and the ads are shown.

In general, the more you pay per click, the higher up the page your ad will appear.  In the example screenshot above the most three expensive ads are directly above the search results.  The rest of the ads are at the bottom of the page.

How Keywords Work

With AdWords you can target a wide range of very specific keywords that your site might not rank in the organic search results for.

Sometimes keywords (search phrases) are searched for hundreds or thousands of times each month.  Yet other keywords will have as low as 10 searches per month.  So instead of trying to get ranked for all the keywords that have very low search numbers, with AdWords we can put your ad in front of all of those niche keywords as well as the more popular keywords.

This means your advert can be shown to a very wide variety of searches that people might enter into Google that relate to your company.

It’s All About Lead Generation

Success with AdWords is not just about the number of clicks on your ads.  We focus on the number of leads we generate for your business, and how many of those leads turn into sales.

We can measure the number of leads from the ads – whether the website visitors fill in an online form or enquire by phone.  This gives you amazingly powerful data to measure your return on investment.

  • Through Duoplus we managed to increase our sales by 100% in 12 months.

    “We have been using Duoplus to do our online marketing and we have found it to be a huge success. Previously we used newspaper, radio, pamphlet drops and telephone marketing, and we found that we got little results from these forms of marketing. Through Duoplus we managed to increase our sales in the first 12 months by 100%. And then by another 30% again the following year. We’ve gone from being a small company in Hamilton, to being the number one independent Fujitsu dealer in New Zealand, just within 18 months. My recommendation is, if you want to grow your company, then talk to Duoplus.”

    Evan Chatfield – Goldstar Heat Pumps