86.48% Increase in Visits to Website and 1028 enquiries in the first 12 months of Google Ads and SEO optimisation



Tidd Ross Todd (TRT) are manufacturers of trailers, heavy transport and equipment and design with their presence in New Zealand and Australian road transport and construction markets.

When TRT came to Duoplus, despite being a big player in the market, their website was buried deep in Google’s organic search results and their existing ad campaigns were not generating enough leads for their business due to lack of optimisation and an ineffective structure of ad campaigns that left no room for analysing data effectively and making changes to improve their conversions.

TRT’s goal was to generate more leads in New Zealand and to establish brand awareness in their fairly new Australian market and ultimately generate more business.

What We Did

To improve their organic rankings, we first focused on the SEO foundations of their two websites, which were lacking in basic optimisation elements needed for good organic rankings. For example, when some of their users in Australia were searching for their products/services, their New Zealand website was showing up instead of their Australian one! This was because their websites were missing something called “href lang tags” which tells search engines which version of a website to show in a particular location.

Once we set up strong SEO foundations on both their websites, we then focused on optimising their content to be more relevant for SEO, which in turn helped with improving their overall organic rankings. We also worked on what is known as “off-page SEO optimisation” to make their website stronger and authoritative in their niche for search engines.

Google search results page for “crane parts Australia”

On the advertising side, one of the first things we did was adjust the structure of their ad campaigns to have different ad groups for various areas of their business. This helped us acquire granular level data of the various campaigns, which in turn we could use to optimise their campaigns further and make customised changes in budgets and bid strategies, thereby improving the number of leads coming through. We also used this data to create custom reports for our client, who then used this to make smart business decisions to help them grow as a company.

One of our recommendations for TRT’s ad campaigns was to set up customised landing pages for specific product/service areas, for example, we set up a customised landing page for users searching for crane parts in Australia. Since this landing pages was made specifically for Google ads, it was a simple yet effective user journey that lead to many more conversions for that area of business.

A customised landing page created by Duoplus

The Result

Google Ads produced immediate results for TRT, with an increase of 1300% increase in conversions in just one month of setting up their ad campaigns in Australia. In New Zealand, there was a 200% increase in conversions in a month’s time!

Over a period of two years, we have generated about 1280 conversions in Australia and 3281 conversions in New Zealand from their Google ads campaigns and organic traffic. Overall, the increase in traffic has been significant too with a 362% increase in traffic in Australia over time and big increases in NZ too.

Steady life in goal completions from ad campaigns and organic traffic

The Value of Digital Marketing

After seeing the significant positive impacts of digital marketing on their business, TRT have invested more marketing budgets to their ad campaigns and organic rankings to maximise leads and ultimately continue growing as a business.

381% Increase in Traffic and 1750% increase in Enquiries

We have been working with TRT for over 2 years now, and in this time, we have seen an astounding 381% increase in traffic and a 1750% increase in their enquiries in Australia from we started working on their digital marketing. This has helped them grow substantially in the Australian market and make their mark.

In New Zealand, we have seen an increase of 1052% in the number of enquiries and an increase of 741% in their conversion rates, helping them add to their existing influx of sales and in NZ.

A comparison in traffic and conversions between October 2018 and Nov 2020

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