Altogether Autism had a conference 10 weeks away and sales were dismal

Altogether Autism’s existing site was poorly presented with lots of important information being hard to find. They weren’t generating many leads from their site. They also had a conference 10 weeks away with dismal sales and asked us to market it.

What We Did

We created a conversion plan that restructured the site to align with the organisation objectives. We dramatically changed the calls to action and designed a brand new home page for the site.

For the conference marketing we setup online registration and payment on their website.  We ran Facebook remarketing campaigns for the conference and wrote a full series of email campaigns to promote the conference to their lists.

Later we launched AdWords campaigns and SEO for their site to increase their traffic from people searching for autism information.

The Result

The conference was sold out with 240 attendees.  And the website makeover resulted in tripling the leads coming from the site each month.

The SEO and AdWords has dramatically increased the traffic to their site. We are providing ongoing SEO, AdWords and marketing strategy.

Services Provided

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