Examples of Google Ads Responsive Display Ads

In Google Ads, the most effective form of display ads are the “Responsive Display Ad” type.  These ads automatically resize themselves based on the size available for the advert.

Creating Responsive Display Ads

To create these ads we provide Google with image options, the company logo, and heading and description text. Google then automatically creates a variety of ads.  Many of the ads use the image (but not all). Some of the ads use the description line (but not all).  Sometimes the same ad can be small or large – depending on the space it is filling. Google adjusts and tests what versions of the ad people are responding to most.

Pros and Cons

The downside of these ads is that you can’t control the presentation of the ad to an example template that you choose.  But the upside of these ads is that they have much higher click through rates, are quicker to create, and Google favours them in terms of impressions that it gives these responsive ads.

Example Mobile Responsive Display Ads

The follow ads are examples of a single responsive advert. We gave it multiple images and then a headline and description to use.

Example Desktop Responsive Display Ads

For users on desktop devices, these are the designs that appear, for the exact same advert as shown above.

Josh Moore

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