Waikato Business News – Facebook Guides


Overall Steps for Boosting a Post

  1. Find the post on the WBN Facebook page and click “Boost Post
  2. Choose the audience “Boost to: All Remarketing
  3. Change the button from “Learn more” to “None”, set the ads budget and the length of the campaign. Then boost.
  4. Then go into Ads Manager, go into the campaign and duplicate the ad set twice.
  5. Set the new audiences for the two duplicated ad sets:
    1. “Boost to: Outreach (Industries)”
    2. “Boost to: Outreach All Lookalikes”


Facebook – How to Boost a Post



Facebook – Reporting Results



Give a Staff Member Permission to Boost Posts

Before a staff member can boost posts, they will need to be added to your Business Manager and given permission to post and boost.

  1. Go to Business Manager Settings https://business.facebook.com/settings/people/
  2. Click “Add” and enter the email address they login to Facebook with.
  3. By default “Employee” level access is selected.  That is fine, unless you want them to be able to add and edit other users, in which case select “Administrator” level access.
  4. Click “Next”
  5. On the next screen you need to select to give them access to the Page and the Ad Account.
    1. Note – the page might be under “New Pages Experience” or “Classic Pages”. Find it, select it, and then in the right hand column turn on “Content” and “Ads” options.
    2. Then click “Ad Accounts” on the left hand column, select your ad account in the middle column, and then turn on either “Manage campaigns” or “Full control”.
  6. Click “Invite”.