Here are some examples of animated banners that Duoplus can create and run.

These banners use HTML5 animation – so they work well on mobile devices as well as desktops.

Saber Draft Ad

Created in 5 sizes. These loop infinitely, (as the placement allowed it).

300w x 250h


300w x 600h

320w x 50h

728w x 90h


Urban Homes Ad

Created in 3 sizes. These loop for 30 secs and then are static on the last slide – which is required for Google Display Network. To see them loop again just refresh this page. (Note – The “replay” link on the last slide of the ad does not work in this environment, but does work when served in the ad campaign).

300w x 250h

160w x 600h

728w x 90h

Try Responsive Display Ads for Even Better Performance

Animated banners, as shown above, are useful when running display campaigns on specific websites.  However, if running general display campaigns across a whole network of websites, Google’s Responsive Displays Ads are faster to create and generate even better results than animated banners.

View Examples of Responsive Display Ads