Examples of Google Ads Responsive Display Ads

In Google Ads, the most effective form of display ads are the “Responsive Display Ad” type.  These ads automatically resize themselves based on the size available for the advert. Creating Responsive Display Ads To create these ads we provide Google with image options, the company logo, and heading and description text. Google then automatically creates…

Example Animated Banners (Display Ads)

Here are some examples of animated banners that Duoplus can create and run. These banners use HTML5 animation – so they work well on mobile devices as well as desktops. Saber Draft Ad Created in 5 sizes. These loop infinitely, (as the placement allowed it). 300w x 250h   300w x 600h 320w x 50h…

Simple Video Examples

This page shows demo videos of our simple video examples. They grab attention in Facebook news feeds and YouTube campaigns. These videos are template driven – we can easily change the images, text and music to create a unique video for you, using one of these templates.

WordPress Fundamentals

Learn how to use the fundamentals of the WordPress content management system. Including the admin bar, dashboard, changing your password, managing comments, widgets, menus and settings.

Using the Content Editor

Learn how to edit pages and posts, including using the toolbar, styling headings, using paragraphs, creating links, lists and embedding images and videos.

Images and the Media Library

Introducing the media library and how to manage images and other files on your site including uploading, editing and deleting.

General WordPress Tutorials

Click to view a list of general WordPress video tutorials, which show you how to find your way around and edit WordPress websites.