Cheat Sheet: 128 Words to Use Instead of “Very”

Some people seem to ooze a natural gift for writing.  Their articles are eloquent. The words seem to flow effortlessly. They find the perfect balance of rich vocabulary while maintaining easy readability.

But while their eloquence may seem effortless, their craft has actually been developed through many hours of hard work and fine tuning their skill …

… oh, and cheat sheets. Don’t forget the cheat sheets!


The latest cheat sheet to good writing 

To help us improve our writing, the website has released a cheat sheet titled 128 Words to Use Instead of “Very”.

Why? Because “very” is significantly overused. It gets used very, very frequently, and that can become very repetitive and very boring very quickly.  (See what I did there?)

So instead of “very noisy” say “deafening”. Instead of “very old” try “ancient”. For “very short” say “brief”, or for “very open” use “transparent”. He wasn’t “very rich” he was “wealthy”.  She wasn’t “very serious” she was “grave”. The seminar wasn’t “very interesting” it was “captivating”.  The basketball player wasn’t “very tall” but “towering”.

Whether you write blog articles for SEO, books or reports, this cheat sheet could well be very useful indispensable.






Josh Moore

Josh Moore leads the team at Duoplus – a Hamilton-based digital marketing agency that helps businesses generate more leads & sales through highly measurable online marketing.

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