Case Study: Goldstar Heat Pumps Ads

100% increase in sales

From a Small Electrical Company to #1 Dealer in New Zealand


When Evan and Carol Chatfield, owners of Goldstar Heat Pumps, came to Duoplus their business was a small electrical company based in Hamilton called Goldstar Electrical.  Their website had very poor usability, and wasn’t responsible for many sales.  They were struggling to get found in search engines.  They installed a lot of Fujitsu heat pumps each year and wanted to change the company to focus exclusively on heat pumps.

What We Did

Our first project was to help them rebrand the company to “Goldstar Heat Pumps”.  We created their new logo, and launched their new marketing.

We created their full website including writing all the content.  We setup and continue to run AdWords campaigns which created an immediate boost in traffic.

We began SEO work to improve their search engine rankings.

The Result

Google Ads produced instant, targeted traffic to their site. After a few months working on SEO they were creeping up page #1 for their most important keywords. We have continued SEO work for Goldstar Heat Pumps, to the point where they have dominated the top positions for nearly all of their keywords. This has produced staggering levels of traffic compared with anything they had experienced before.

100% Increase in Sales

Grew to #1 Independent Dealer NZ

Sales poured in

The lead capture system we developed on their site, plus very strong traffic, produces a massive number of qualified leads each month.

They cancelled all their newspaper and radio advertising (which wasn’t producing leads) and instead were able to invest further in online marketing.

100% Growth to Become #1

Their sales increased by 100% in the first 12 months. Within 18 months of working with them Goldstar Heat Pumps became the #1 Independent Fujitsu Dealer in New Zealand. They grew by another 30% the following year, and again another 30% the year after that.

When Goldstar wanted to expand into other geographical territories, we applied the same online marketing methods and have helped successfully expand their sales in significant numbers into Auckland, Tauranga and Napier/Hastings.

+30% Growth Year on Year



“We have been using Duoplus to do our online marketing and we have found it to be a huge success. Previously we used newspaper, radio, pamphlet drops and telephone marketing, and we found that we got little results from these forms of marketing.

Through Duoplus we managed to increase our sales in the first 12 months by 100%. And then by another 30% again the following year. We’ve gone from being a small company in Hamilton, to being the number one independent Fujitsu dealer in New Zealand, just within 18 months. My recommendation is, if you want to grow your company, then talk to Duoplus.”

Evan Chatfield

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