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How to Boost Ecommerce Sales with Abandoned Cart Emails

Let’s say you have an amazing product and have built up a passionate audience of followers who love what you offer. You’re selling thousands of dollars of product online each month. Life is good, so you might as well just keep doing the same thing, right?

Well, what if some small tweaks could add thousands of dollars of extra sales each month?

That’s what Duoplus have helped Dr Julie Bhosale achieve.

Dr Julie Bhosale: Family Nutrition & Wellbeing Expert

Dr Julie Bhosale

Dr Julie is a family nutrition & wellbeing expert, researcher, author, speaker and mother of three boys.

Her books are amazing, and her speaking engagements are unmissable – especially if you are looking for evidence-based advice on toddler feeding, postpartum recovery and making easy, nutritious meals for your family.

Internationally renowned, with a PhD in children’s health, Dr Julie is on a mission to tackle the global health concerns affecting our families today.

Her best-selling book ‘The Nourished Baby’ has helped thousands of parents all over the world start their baby off on real, wholefoods. Her follow-on book ‘The Nourished Toddler’  and ‘Baby & Toddler Cookbook’ were published a year later. Since then, there have been two more additions – a children’s book ‘My First Vegetables’ and ‘Feed the Tribe’.

Her audience love her content and hurry to snap up the latest books. But that doesn’t mean she was getting all the sales she could online.

The buying journey contains a large number of touch points

We often think online buyers have a linear journey – they search, click and buy. But the reality is there are often many more touch points in the journey.

For the past two years, Google has studied over 250,000 online shopping journeys across 25 categories.

They found that the buying journey contains a large number of touch points in no clearly defined order. Buyers go back and forth between many sites in their journey including search engines, review sites, online videos, social media, comparison sites, and more!

One shopper’s journey for buying headphones took 375 touch points before purchasing!

Buying touchpoints online

Even when people are clear about their need, the journey to purchasing can be complex.

In Dr Julie’s case, people frequently go to her site and are inspired to begin purchasing, even placing items in the shopping cart. And then, for reasons unknown, they leave the site without completing the purchase.

And that’s the end of the story, right? Well, it used be.

The Power of Abandoned Cart Emails

Recently Duoplus setup an ‘abandoned cart’ strategy to remarket to people visiting Julie’s online store. This strategy sends emails to people who have added items to their shopping cart, and then for whatever reason, left the site before finalising their purchase.

It is a two-part email sequence that is sent.  The first one sends 4 hours after the visitor abandons the cart and the next one is sent a day later.

The result? Julie enjoyed a dramatic increase in sales due to this email remarketing strategy.  The emails are generating thousands of dollars in extra sales each month directly from people clicking on the link in the emails and completing their purchase.

Note: The ecommerce website is running on Shopify, however Shopify’s abandoned cart system only only allows for a single abandoned cart email.  Sending only a single abandoned cart email would result in a 40% drop in revenue from these emails! Duoplus used some custom configuration to send the two-part sequence and it is well worth it.

If you’re running a successful ecommerce store, and don’t have an abandoned cart sequence running, definitely have a chat with us.  The returns can be very strong.


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Josh Moore

Josh Moore leads the team at Duoplus – a Hamilton-based digital marketing agency that helps businesses generate more leads & sales through highly measurable online marketing.

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