How a website upgrade could kill your business

Just like cars, you can tell an old website when you see one. But when it comes to upgrading your site, there’s a common mistake that can severely hurt your business. A couple of years ago we had to resuscitate a company’s website rankings after their previous web design company launched an upgrade to their website…


Should my business get its own app?

Since Apple launched the AppStore in 2008, smartphones and apps have literally changed the way we interact with the world. So, should your business get its own app? From reading the news to paying bills, from connecting with friends and family to ordering our takeaways, from watching TV shows to learning the road rules –…


How a Facebook Campaign Generated 1072% Return

If one campaign has a 15x return compared with another campaign, which one do you keep? Hint: It’s a trick question. Recently, one of the NZ-wide Facebook campaigns we run for an ecommerce client achieved a very pleasing return on investment.  The overall results clocked in at 1072% Return On Ad Spend.  That means that…


Secrets to Ecommerce Success

Have you noticed how fast ecommerce has been growing in recent years?  It’s not showing any signs of slowing down. After months of work, we recently enjoyed going live on a large ecommerce project for Hamilton-based Mobility Centre. On top of all of the normal details that need to be done just right when building…


A General Manager’s Bad Marketing Maths

It’s interesting that sometimes bad maths sounds completely logical, even to highly experienced senior managers. Some time ago I met with a General Manager of a small division within a larger company. His division had a strong focus on sales but very little investment in marketing. They had a solid client base and very high…


The Double Whammy Secret to More Leads

I moved house recently.  In the process I experienced a beautiful double whammy of online ads from a single company.  The process was simple, yet none of their competitors were doing it. As part of moving house, we wanted to have the carpets professionally cleaned before the new owners moved in. To find a carpet…

Google Ads mistakes can waste money

One Google Ads Mistake That Can Waste Thousands of Dollars

When we received the Yellow Pages book delivered to our offices last year, it didn’t even get taken out of its plastic wrap. Most people that I ask binned it immediately, but in our office we put it on the bookshelf – but not so we can use it!  Instead the Yellow Pages books are…


A Simple Website Mistake That Can Get You Scammed

A friend of mine, who is the internal accountant at a charitable organisation, recently almost feel for a scam email. It looked to be from the CEO and had an invoice that needed paying. Thankfully he noticed that the way the email was signed off was different than normal. He went and checked with the…

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8 Ways to Turn Your Website Visits into Conversions

Are you wondering why your website is not generating as many leads as you expected despite having a website that LOOKS great? While the design, look and feel of a website are extremely important, they’re not the sole factors that are going to get you more business. Some beautiful looking websites are terrible at converting…


Goodbye AdWords, Hello Google Ads

Recently, Google announced Google AdWords is becoming Google Ads. Like that green dot, I felt my heart sink a bit when I read the news. I don’t know why. I know that the name AdWords makes no sense anymore. You think Google search is seriously big? Sure, it is, at 5 billion searches per day!…

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